November 23, 2010

Williams and Sonoma knock-off I got my idea for this from Thrifty Decor Chick.   Her website has been my inspiration!  She's the one that says these are a Williams and Sonoma knock-off.  Quite honestly, I am not even sure what Williams and Sonoma it a store?  a catalog?  Oh's obviously too expensive!

Go to The Dollar son was SO embarassed that I was in the store taking pictures!!

Grab a $1 candlestick.

Walk down the aisle and grab a $1 vase.

Go home and grab your gorilla glue.

 (Yes..I know...I was too lazy to go and take another picture!)

And the reveal..........

I am thinking of filling them with pinecones for Christmas....I need to go and check the PB online catalog and see what they are doing!

(And I am still working on my PB inspired Christmas mantle....I just don't have any red glitter and I live too far away from the craft stores!!! Grr!)


Lisa said...

I made these at the beginning of the Fall season. Four bucks! I filled them with acorns and tall sticks. I can't wait to fill them for Christmas. I plan on giving them as wedding gifts as well.

Nicole said...

Lisa...that is an amazing idea to give them as wedding gifts!

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