November 12, 2010

Fall Table Runner

I walked into our local hardware store....(I was probably buying spray paint!)...when I saw a display of gorgeous burlap table runners, and I thought....I can do that!

Go to the back of the hardware store and buy some burlap and be sure to insist that it doesn't have words!  (See here for why!)

Then fray your burlap.  They had actually done some neat braiding, but what homeschool mom really has the time to braid hundreds of little burlap strings...NOT ME!  I gathered about 9ish together and knotted them.  I am hoping that this keeps it from fraying.

I went to my old and not a lot of fonts word program and looked for a font that had a cool-looking "G."  I found this and printed it out.

At first I thought that I'd try a chalk transfer.  (You rub the back with sidewalk chalk and trace over it with a mechanical pencil and it leaves a chalk imprint.)  Well....chalk doesn't transfer to burlap!  So....I decided to "trace."

Place your words under the burlap.  You can see through the holes!

Borrow some of your husband's acrylic paint and brushes and start "tracing."

You can make this any length, width, size because burlap is SO cheap!  Hopefully yours will look like this:

(Yes....I seem to be crooked again....ugh!)

and NOT this:

Why does my living room have to be the setting for Lego battles?????

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