November 13, 2010

Fancy tacks

Well....I ran to The Dollar Tree...not to be confused with the Dollar General or The Dollar Store.  The Dollar Tree is WAY classier than either of those dollar stores!

So.....go to The Dollar Tree and grab a bag of their polished rocks for the el-cheapo cost of $1.00 + tax.  I already had some Gorilla Glue.  (And got in the line of fire of my Canyon Black spray paint!)

(If you don't have Gorilla Glue, I think that The Dollar Tree sells super glue.)

Grab some ugly, plain thumbtacks.

Can you tell that I just learned what that little flower means on my camera? ....the Macro setting....AMAZING!

If you have a little piece of styrofoam laying around, press your tack into the foam. It is just easier to work with.


Put a dab of the Gorilla Glue on the tack and press your polished rock on.

Now comes the hard must WAIT, and WAIT, and WAIT, and WAIT for the glue to dry.
 (I didn't wait long enough and my rock slid off of the tack....grr!)

Aren't they pretty???

You can make about a million....all for the awesome cost of $1.00 and some supplies on hand!

Happy Crafting!


Jen Sheaffer said...

Adorable. I love tacks and magnets!

Cindy said...

Aaahh, I have the glass beads, gorilla glue, ugly thumb tacks AND a bulletin board... AWESOME IDEA! Thanks, Nikki.... loving your Blog!

Nancy said...

You are a hoot. I find myself reading it as fast as you talk, and I find myself missing you today!!!! I am proud to say that I personally know this woman, and she is as wonderful as she sounds in her blog. And no, she is not paying me to say these things. But I'm hoping she'll send me some of those Christmas gifts she keeps talking about ;)

Katie said...

Nikki, I've also taken the clear ones and glued little pictures cut from magazines to them in between the tack and the bead. I have a craft punch that's exactly the right size and found images to match the gift recipient's personality. One year, I made them for all of my office mates, since we all had bulletin boards over our desks. They still have them years later. Katie

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