June 21, 2011


So I have jumped in to the whole idea of pinning....I am really getting tired of the million bookmarks on my computer.  Wow....pinning is a whole lot easier!

I know...many of you have been emailing me and inviting me and I have been dragging my heels....well, you were right!  Pinterest is super easy to use!

You know what really got me?  The cute little button that I can put in my toolbar that says, "pin it!"

All I do is click that and I create my own virtual "board" of ideas!  I'm enjoying transferring all my information over to Pinterest!  

The idea that you can actually "see" your links on the board is wonderful, too!

Here is a sample of my boards....I use a lot of this for my inspiration.  

If you'd like to follow my boards, I can be found HERE:  

Happy Pinning!

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