June 4, 2011

Summer Birthday Party Idea

{A Lego Birthday....}

In our family we have 2 summer birthdays and we always love to plan fun themed birthday parties! We do a fun fall birthday theme, too, for our younger son, but summer parties are often more elaborate because we can go outside! 

When Amber linked up this Lego Party last week foThrifty Thursday, I knew that it deserved its very own spotlight!

One thing that we always do at our parties is have some type of craft or coloring page when the kids are arriving since they all tend to arrive at different times.  

Amber had a couple of fun activities planned during this time.  One were these Lego man coloring pages that she put on display during the party.

Here is a link that I found for Lego coloring pages after a very brief search......actually they have a million character coloring pages at that site!!

At our parties I always try to have a fun basket of markers and crayons and then other supplies like watercolors and paints.....it just makes the craft table look more exciting....especially for boys!

One of my favorite parts of Amber's Lego Party was this.....

How cute!!!  Pin the smile on the Lego man!!  And what an inexpensive and simple activity to put together!

How about some giant Duplos that you can eat!?

For more of Amber's Lego Party ideas, hop over to I saw that going differently in my mind.....don't you just love the name of her blog???  That so describes my life!!

Happy Partying!


aggieam01 said...

Thank you so much for the feature! We had a great time making the decor for this party and it was all so easy. The kids had a blast!

Warnner said...

what a cute idea! thank for sharing this article.playing treasure hunt is also interesting.treasure hunt alows our guest to make more fun..

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