June 27, 2011

Under the sink organization....

Hello!  I'm Becky from Organizing Made Fun. I'm very happy to be invited by Nicole to come and help everyone get motivated to organize a bit!

If you've ever tried to tackle organizing, it's best to do it one little bit at a time!  That's what I do...and what I always recommend to ladies who come to me asking for advice to getting their whole house organized.  Start small and then keep that newly organized place up a little bit each day.  You'll find that sometimes your space isn't working how you wanted it to, but that's alright.  Here's what I did when I could see there was a problem under my sink.

Just lovely, isn't it?
It had been doing me well for a few years, but I began to realize the clutter gathering up and I just needed a little more room to put stuff.  I have my bag organizer on the door, which holds plastic grocery bags.  My son made a "time capsule" at VBS this past summer but wasn't using it.  I asked him if I could use it under the sink - that's the brown coffee can with stickers.  I use the brown can {with hole cut out on top} to put our "poo" collecting bags in - recycled fruit bags, sandwich loaf bags, or other smaller plastic bags for the kids to use to pick up dog poo in the yard each day - that's part of their chores!

Cleared everything out, wiped it down and put new contact paper in!

Yes, there's a large gaping hole under my sink...we re-plumbed the house four years ago and hubby hasn't gotten around to patching it up, so I put some left-over insulation there in hopes that it would help with the leaking air I often feel from there.  I put new contact paper down and then started putting things back.

I keep my stash of Bath & Body foaming soaps in an old ice cream bucket.

 I found this terrific organizer for the door that holds more daily-used bottles and things. I got the door organizer at...The Container Store, but you can also find them at Walmart - we do NOT have a Walmart in my area, it's really crazy!

I put everything back in....and voila!  Pretty as can be! 

Remember, if you have somewhere that needs to be organized, just tackle a little at a time! It may seem like a small accomplishment but will make a little bigger impact each day when you can easily find things!



Becky has been a fun new friend that I've made here in blog world.  She's been a wonderful mentor as a "seasoned" piano teacher and has graciously answered all of my million questions!

I love Becky's site!  She gives wonderful tips for organization, but she also has done some amazing projects.....here are some of my favorite!

An old dressed turned into an outdoor buffet...

A custom painted desk....

....how fun is that?!?

And she even has organized it for her son!

Becky, thanks so much for stopping by!!

So if you are looking for fun, organizational ideas (and some great projects, too!), check out Becky's blog Organizing Made Fun!

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Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said...

You are too kind and sweet :)

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

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