February 28, 2012

Old Farmhouse Room Redo

I have a friend, Lori, who lives in a beautiful old farmhouse...complete
with gorgeous wood trim, nostalgic charm, and crooked floors!

Lori has been battling breast cancer and her amazing life group from our church
came and did some renovations to her home.

As Lori has been recovering, she has gotten the itch to make more changes to her home.
One of the places that she has really wanted to change is her son's room.

Here are some of the "before" pictures.  I apologize because they were taken
on my camera phone so they are very blurry!

The room was covered in outdated wallpaper and just overall had a feeling of falling apart...

Lori asked me to stop by and give her some ideas of how to inexpensively 
bring changes and life to the room!

On a side note, Lori was planning on throwing away the dressers in the picture
above...I gasped and said, can I have one and give it a second chance?

This is what I did with it!

Since Lori had "new to her" furniture to put in the room that was blue,
I suggested a calm blue for the top of the walls and beadboard wallpaper for the bottom.

I also suggested painting all the trim in a bright white and adding 
painted chalkboards to the closet doors.

Here's what Lori did.....

Lori and her mom removed all the ugly old wallpaper and painted the walls a
beautiful soothing blue color.  They added the beadboard wallpaper to the 
bottom and painted everything a gorgeous crisp white.

She taped off rectangles on the closet doors and added chalkboards
with chalkboard paint.

I love how she added a black light and a map of hiking routes on
the Appalachian Trail!

 I suggested she accent with white frames, so she took frames that she already
owned and spray painted them white and added special photos and memorabilia.

Doesn't her "new to her" furniture look perfect!

Truly, it feels like a brand new room!  And mainly, the transformation was
the result of elbow grease and paint!

And because we all love a good before and after...

You don't even notice the beautiful original wood trim in the before pictures!
The paint and beadboard wallpaper just make it *pop*!

Great job, Lori!  This was the type of remodel that I love....I
get to be the idea generator and someone else does all the work!


laxsupermom said...

Terrific makeover! I love how the beadboard wallpaper looks below the chail rail, and the new paint really makes the molding look great! Thanks for sharing.

Lil Mama Stuart said...

great job ladies - truly a transformation!

Stephanie said...

Very nice!

Amy Fountain said...

Nice touch on the chalkboard additions on the drawers! :)

Good Time Charlie said...

Oh what a wonderful gift you gave your friend dealing with Breast Cancer. There are too many mommies battling this. They need all the love and support, and Room Makeovers! They can get. Great work!

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