May 11, 2011

Guest Post: Creative "Try"als

{Homemade Rug....} 

Hi! My name is Sue, and I blog over at Creative "Try"als.
I am so excited to be doing my first ever guest post here at Thrifty Decorating. Thank you Nicole for this opportunity to come and be your guest today.

Thrifty should be my middle name. I am always looking for ways to not open my wallet too wide, if I open it at all. 

A lot of times that means I have to come out of my creative shell and try something new - a creative "try"al. Some "try"als don't work - but some do - like this carpet scrap transformation....

One day I walked by my back door and saw this....

...and a light bulb went on. This is an old carpet scrap that came with our house when we bought it. I don't like throwing things away so it got stuck at the back door. This carpet scrap was getting a transformation.....


For all the details of how Sue did this amazing transformation....

......stop over for the COMPLETE TUTORIAL at
Creative "Try"als!  Trust's amazing, simple and thrifty!!

Here are some of Sue's other amazing projects:


Thanks so much, Sue, for stopping by!

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