May 24, 2011

Guest Post: Sisters of the Wild West

We are so excited to be guest blogging here at Thrifty Decorating. 
 Thank you so much for letting us be guest bloggers. 

HI!!  We are Amy and Emily.
We are newbies to the blog world, and we are LOVING every minute of it. 

A few facts about us:

*we drink diet dr pepper like water
*we take turns blogging (kind of...its a long story)
*we are highly competitive from playing sports our entire lives
 *we compare notes on who's posts get more attention
*we have 11 kids between us (Amy 4 girls & 2 boys) (Em 5 BOYS)
* We love to craft any chance we get...Especially when we are together!

Here are just a few of our projects.

These are our Pottery Barn Knock-Off Pillows. 
We made a little competition for ourselves to see who could
make the better knock-off.  You can see how we made the pillows here. 
Please check it out and cast your vote. 

We like all kinds of projects, especially some makeovers.
We made over this Goodwill find and gave this jewelry box a major upgrade!!

I got this old vintage stereo cabinet off of Craigslist for FREE!  I painted it with Chalk Paint.
It is SUPER amazing paint.  Please see the full tutorial

We also like to do some sewing.

You can get the full tutorial for this Chevron Handbag HERE

Thank you SOO MUCH for letting us share some
 of our projects with you today!!   We love making new friends... 
So please stop by Sisters of the Wild West.

Amy and Emily also have a link party on Sundays where you can link your own great ideas and go browse other great ideas!

Thanks so much, Sisters of the Wild West
for stopping by Thrifty Decorating!

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