August 14, 2011

Southwestern Salad

My hubby always feeds his 40 some leaders on a Wednesday night before youth group and quite frankly, you get sick of pizza rather quickly!  So his administrative assistant threw together this salad one night and it was a HUGE hit!  So thanks, Janice, for the inspiration!

You will need sharp cheddar cheese, black beans, tortilla chips and some type of ranch dressing.

Be sure to give your beans a good rinse....otherwise, they are a bit gooey!

I prefer the corn (orangish) tortilla chips better with this, but I didn't have any.  Just crumble them over top of the salad.

Top with the beans and cheese and your favorite ranch dressing.  I used a three-cheese version from Kraft.

My hubby and I have been "dieting".......just trying to up our protein and down our carbs....this salad is a delicious healthy lunch option!


MrsZ said...

This is one of my favorite salads! I like to mix the ranch with some salsa. Yum yum yum!

Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

Looks so simple and delish too. This would made a quick simple dinner one night. Thanks for sharing. I could add some tomatoes from my garden on top too.

Erika said...

Mmmmm! This looks delish! I'll definitely have to give this one a try :)

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